December 31, 2009

Last Minute Style Points for New Year's Eve

Want to add one more touch to your NYE party tonight? Whether you're having a few people over for dinner or have a larger group for a cocktail party, menus always add a lot to the design. A lot for a little, I might add. In other words, DON'T FREAK OUT - you still have time to type something up and print them out.

I whipped up this one for our small dinner party tonight (sorry it's so fuzzy!) at our house. Pictures to come later but imagine if you will...there is a one inch hole punched in the top. Don't ya know that one inch hole fits perfectly over the pointy top of a coordinating party hat on each plate to create a standing menu? Love it.

Wanna know a secret? I can't bear to take down my Christmas centerpiece yet so NYE is getting coordinated around it. Use what you have!

Not doing dinner? If you're having a cocktail party, just print up the menu to match your theme (colors and fonts are your best friend) and frame in frames you already have at home. Place on the buffet and you're all set. Don't forget to make one for the drinks, too.
Whatever you do tonight - have fun and be safe!
Here's to a new year full of new adventures!

December 29, 2009

Paper Perfection: Old Tom Foolery

I'm in love with these simple and simply hilarious cards from Old Tom Foolery.

Take a looksie at their site for more of the funny.

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Karen!

Karen left a comment in the post below asking how I used the floral wire to place the ornaments. I'm hitting the road to my family Christmas in EEK an hour but couldn't leave Karen hanging. : )

It's actually made with floral pins but you could fashion your own hooks of sort with a heavy enough gauge wire or even paper clips made into hooks. If you've used floral pins though you know how much handier they are because their tops are flat and tidy. I'm using a block of foam here because that's all I have on hand quickly but the same method applies to the sheet of styrofoam I used in the post below.

Hope that helps, Karen!

(click on images if you can't read the fuzzy text)

December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

From my home to yours.

Need a last minute centerpiece or decor idea? You're in luck.

These packages are in my entry way and I think you know the drill. Just wrap some empty boxes and use on your table or in any area that needs a little extra touch before your company arrives. I like to take down photos and hang some on the walls, too. Easy peasy.

You may recognize the centerpiece as a take-off on my white New Year's Eve centerpiece from this past year seen below. I loved the big pile o' ornaments so much I did it this Christmas with leftover ornaments and such.

Run out and grab a sheet of styrofoam and some floral pins. You can find ornaments on sale right now, too, if you need a few more. I won't lie, this takes a lot of ornaments if your styrofoam is as large as mine. Feel free to cut to size though!

Once you have your styrofoam, just place your focal point first whether it's florals or candles or cylinder vases full of more ornaments or full of get the idea. Place those first and then literally just start pinning and placing ornaments in your foam until you fill in all the holes.

I'm not bragging here but I think they turn out stunning for being so simple. I know yours will, too! They are foolproof I tell ya!

(Hey, Jen - tell your mom to make this centerpiece. Does this count for a post on table ideas for her? te he)

I'll be out for Christmas. Happy Holidays to everyone and safe travels to those not celebrating at home!


P.S. I tried to post this earlier this morning and Blogger was acting a fool. So, yeah, I realize running out right now might be a leetle harder.

December 22, 2009

Whoopie! It's Not 2010 Yet!

I think we all know what that means. You are free to both move about the cabin AND eat desserts without feeling the weight of Resolutions on your back. Enter Whoop.De.Do. Makers of Fine Whoopie Pies.

Creator extraordinaire, Gina, whips up the following tempting flavors with Editorial comments by yours truly:
  • Pumpkin Spice (gimme)
  • Berry Strawberry (yum)
  • Bananatella (Banana & Nutella) (drool)
  • Thick Red Velvet (stop)
  • Mighty Pistachio* (please)
  • Cocopanuter (Chocolate & Peanut Butter) (pick me up off the floor)
  • Dark Mocha (yeah, that will work)
  • Vanilla Bean (bean me up, Scotty)
Not in Kansas City? Fear not, my friends. Gina will ship to you. Now, I still love me a cupcake, but don't you want to be the first "on the block" to serve Whoopie Pies or give them as favors at your next party? I thought so.

I now proclaim 2010 as the Year of The Whoopie Pie. So, even when the calendar does flip to the double digit year, go ahead and eat them. I mean, only if you like to be cool and in the know that is.

Check out the site and email Gina for all the deets on the sweets.

December 21, 2009

DYING to get DIYing

Do you know the amazingly talented Kelly Medevitz? Okay, so I don't "know" her either. Unless by "know" you mean "stalk her blog and wish I was a quarter as talented." Then yes, I know her very well.

Kelly has a gorgeous site full of her graphic design work. If that isn't enough to tempt you, how about COMPLETELY FREE downloads for your own DIY projects? Just go to her site and check out the
"Goodies" tab. Everything you need to know is spelled out so generously by Kelly.
Best of all, there's still time to DIY some gift wrap or use the lunch bag tags as gift bag tags for your Christmas presents! How chic will you be thanks to Kelly? So very.

December 18, 2009

Major Blog Crush

I'm having a major blog crush on A Brooklyn Limestone In Progress. If you don't know this blog, you're about to get a major case of the swoons.

In addition to the fabulous interior renovations and miscellaneous posts, there are some of THE best DIY invitations and party inspirations. Seriously, the DIY invites are on a whole 'nother level.

In my head I've already moved to Brooklyn and made a new BFF. Don't wake me.

December 16, 2009

One To Know One Of My Favorite Things?

Well, okay, two of my favorites.

  1. This Favorite Things party idea from Robyn at Mix Mingle Glow.
  2. Robyn herself. I love that girl.
Not only is this party genius and fun but it was for a good cause. As someone who has found more joy this year through non-profit work with Operation Shower than I can put into words, a party for a cause gets me right here (points to heart full of joy).
Be sure and check out MMG to see more posts on this party as well as a GIVEAWAY OF ALL OF ROBYN'S FAVORITE THINGS!

December 15, 2009

All That Glitters Is Not Mariah Carey

Thankfully. Not that I've seen that movie. It's a well-known fact my "Seriously, is she kidding with that outfit?" take on Mariah Carey is as real as my love for parties. And glitter.

I love this fun craft idea on Mintagehome. Well played, Mintagehome. Well played. And to think, no spandexes were harmed making this project.

December 13, 2009

Office Space

So that company holiday party on a budget I mentioned? Here it is.

The party was held in an empty space in the office itself and was either done with items from my inventory or items from The Dollar Tree. Of course we can't count the rental linens, dishes and chairs because that was a separate budget, but everything else you see (including simple snowy carnation florals) was done for right around $125. Now THAT is Design On A Dime that anyone can do. Sorry, HGTV.
Self-printed menus dressed up with stick-on sequins are an easy way to "fancy" up any party.

The aforementioned signs were made and hung at various stations to add some color and cheeky humor to the party. This group is not a bunch of wallflowers!

Case in point, the "This will look really good at 11pm" sign above the sweets table ended up around someone's neck at approximately 11:10pm.

The party planner...ahem, sidetracked and didn't get a full shot of the table because she got so caught up in the detail shots. Sidenote: I need a photographer. It's hard to tell but there is an acrylic box on the table that is filled with ornaments and used as another level to the table. My favorite part ended up being a salvaged item from an office move that I knew I'd use one day!

The bar before and during. No great after shot...see photographer needed item above.

The best part? When you get thanked with "Amy didn't just take this blank space and decorate it, she turned the office into a party."

December 11, 2009

Boxes of Ideas

I know you know Blumebox, right? I thought so!

Have you been lately for some holiday inspiration? Check out "Ideas in Blume" for not only some traditional Christmas color inspiration but peruse the entire gallery for something a little different this holiday.

If you can't find something there to get you in the spirit then I officially dub thee Scrooge!

December 10, 2009

"Signs" of Post To Come

Sneak peek of a post to come soon (is anyone else finding themselves perpetually behind this time of year?) on a company holiday party from this past weekend.

For now, a few posters* I made to liven up a very bare office space.

More to come on this party done on a tight budget for all of you watching your pennies!

* Karaoke performer cropped to protect the innocent. And that 11pm sign...yeah, that's above the dessert bar. ; )

December 8, 2009

You Should Probably Know...

...that I'm not all about parties. Well, other than the fact that I wish I was throwing a Biggest Loser Finale party because I AM SO DARN EXCITED about the show tonight.

I like all four this time around but am either Team Amanda (even though I'm so jealous that she is close with dreamy Bob Harper) or Team Danny (he is just so darn lovable and is a friend of friends of mine).

Is anyone else counting the hours until the show tonight? I mean, I can't be the only dork planning their night around this....can I?

December 2, 2009

Etsy Love

This edition of Etsy Love finds us checking out holiday cards and invites of the brown, red and lime green variety. Such a great color combination for those that like to hip up their holidays.

Two g
reat party invitations and a side of modern holiday card from Maysie-Faye Designs. Loving these. That santa is so retro chic.

And don't even get me started on the selection at DimplePrints. The endless cute designs are almost painful to peruse. Want. Them. All.

Both of these talented Etsy sellers have numerous great designs. Don't say I didn't warn you.

December 1, 2009

Just In Time to Blast Off

Back from a week of much needed vacation just in time to head to outer space!

Laurie from The Busy Bee Birthday Shop sent me some out of this world shots of her son's Space Theme birthday party. I love a party that has all of the cute and none of the cartoon.

Check out her post for more fun details and peek around her blog for some of her other goodies!