December 13, 2009

Office Space

So that company holiday party on a budget I mentioned? Here it is.

The party was held in an empty space in the office itself and was either done with items from my inventory or items from The Dollar Tree. Of course we can't count the rental linens, dishes and chairs because that was a separate budget, but everything else you see (including simple snowy carnation florals) was done for right around $125. Now THAT is Design On A Dime that anyone can do. Sorry, HGTV.
Self-printed menus dressed up with stick-on sequins are an easy way to "fancy" up any party.

The aforementioned signs were made and hung at various stations to add some color and cheeky humor to the party. This group is not a bunch of wallflowers!

Case in point, the "This will look really good at 11pm" sign above the sweets table ended up around someone's neck at approximately 11:10pm.

The party planner...ahem, sidetracked and didn't get a full shot of the table because she got so caught up in the detail shots. Sidenote: I need a photographer. It's hard to tell but there is an acrylic box on the table that is filled with ornaments and used as another level to the table. My favorite part ended up being a salvaged item from an office move that I knew I'd use one day!

The bar before and during. No great after shot...see photographer needed item above.

The best part? When you get thanked with "Amy didn't just take this blank space and decorate it, she turned the office into a party."


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Girl, you make the $1 store look like a million bucks!!

Shelley@divinepartyconcepts said...

It looks great! You should do a commercial for the dollar store :)

jennifermarcus said...

you are SOOOOOOOOO fabulous. i want to go to any party you are a part of.

denise @ little ant design said...

Love the creative signs - what a great idea

Enchanted Expectations said...

This looks fantastic. Did you say the Dollar Tree? I would have never guessed. You worked it out!

Jaime said...


This is pure artwork! Thanks for sharing, and I always love seeing how the Dollar Tree can outfit a party (it's my first stop when planning!).

Happy holidays!