December 21, 2009

DYING to get DIYing

Do you know the amazingly talented Kelly Medevitz? Okay, so I don't "know" her either. Unless by "know" you mean "stalk her blog and wish I was a quarter as talented." Then yes, I know her very well.

Kelly has a gorgeous site full of her graphic design work. If that isn't enough to tempt you, how about COMPLETELY FREE downloads for your own DIY projects? Just go to her site and check out the
"Goodies" tab. Everything you need to know is spelled out so generously by Kelly.
Best of all, there's still time to DIY some gift wrap or use the lunch bag tags as gift bag tags for your Christmas presents! How chic will you be thanks to Kelly? So very.

1 comment:

Kellie M said...

Hello miss Amy!!

I was excited to see a new site pop up on my google stats this morning (I'm a bit addicted to reviewing them).

I'm so happy you are enjoying my blog enough to post about it. Many thanks for the spotlight : )

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Kellie Medivitz