December 16, 2009

One To Know One Of My Favorite Things?

Well, okay, two of my favorites.

  1. This Favorite Things party idea from Robyn at Mix Mingle Glow.
  2. Robyn herself. I love that girl.
Not only is this party genius and fun but it was for a good cause. As someone who has found more joy this year through non-profit work with Operation Shower than I can put into words, a party for a cause gets me right here (points to heart full of joy).
Be sure and check out MMG to see more posts on this party as well as a GIVEAWAY OF ALL OF ROBYN'S FAVORITE THINGS!


MixMingleGlow said...

I love ya. Really. You wanna come help me plan next years? I am seriously already planning it a little. Its gonna be kinda cool I think. Also, you're my favorite. And not just because you gave me a rockstar shout out. Mostly because you share my affinity for Elf culture.

Shelley@divinepartyconcepts said...

I used her punch recipe this past weekend and it was a hit!!!!