March 17, 2010


After back to back to back to back to (you get the idea) crazy weeks, this past weekend's trip to see the family and friends was just what the doctor ordered.

Food, drinks and "shopping"...the perfect prescription.

That AND arm in arm
whoopie pie eating by your charming cohostesses. (P.S. I think it looks like a random floating cocktail-ringed zombie hand is shoving food at me instead of that being my hand. That makes me giggle, so I share with you fine people for the laughs.)

Scenes from the doctor's office aka ladies night clothing swap party.

SHOP letters were covered in pages from old calendars I picked up at Michael's ages ago. They had been waiting their turn to be used for something. The "art" was so easy for such a big impact. Patterned packing tape from Michael's was placed on foamcore in various patterns and used around the space. Do this. Trust me.

patterned papers were hung from ribbon in the windows for the sweets table backdrop and used to add color to the tabletops.
A girl needs her jewels, right? These fit perfectly on the edge of the wine glasses and did double duty as wine charms. At least until you forget which color you are because you're so giddy from free clothes.

More of the packing tape was used to hang calendar pages off of the swap tables. Mixed in were removable wall decals from The Dollar Tree.

Favors were cute, graphic reusable shopping bags from Forever 21 that I hung from removable 3M wall mounting hooks. Favor as

This piece worked perfectly as the shoes and accessories table. Child lock on drawers not for sale. My friend and cohostess, Shan has triplets. Girlfriends needs lots of locks.

A few more close ups of the bags and papers because they are things you need to get!

Hoping to get more scenes from other swapper's cameras of a few things I missed. In the meantime, hope you enjoy what is here. Such a fun party to do with friends. I highly recommend it! (If your friends have cute clothes, of course.)
If you missed the post on all the yummy food...check, check it out.


MerciBlahBlah said...

Best. Party. EVER. Thank you soooo much for making it a smashing success as usual. Dang, that last sentence would be REALLY hard to say with a lisp, wouldn't it?


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

We've GOT to stop sharing a brain-thingie!! I've got 3 rolls of the tape from Michaels and was thinking about working it into a backdrop I'm doing this weekend!

Will you be sharing with us what you scored on MBB?

Laura PARING DOWN said...

A clothing swap party is a great idea - you staged it perfectly, of course. Love it! Now I want a cupcake.

Michelle said...

Love it! I want to know what goodies you ended up with from the swap. And randomly, I had that calendar a few years ago at work. HA!

Sandi said...

looks like fun! great favors too!

Enchanted Expectations said...

So many things I love about this party. The tape art-so cute! The paper on ribbon in the window- I need to do this now! Love the decals on the table clothe- genious! Fab job as usual. Thanks for sharing.