November 12, 2008

Moroccan Dinner Party

Looking through some old photos and realized the colors of this Moroccan-inspired dinner party we threw some time ago would make for a good twist for your parties this Autumn. The rich jewel tones would work well with natural branches and twigs, or branches gone glam with some gold spray paint.

Don't forget the little touches that go a long way.
  • Gift bags of goodies (lined up here before they were filled and finished!) for your guests to take home. I find that most people don't mind taking home some freshly baked cookies for the road!
  • A menu so guests know what's in store.
  • Simple vases wrapped in scrapbook paper and ribbon as candle holders.
  • Easy garnishes to store bought appetizers and desserts. Here: cayenne and red bell pepper on store bought hummus or the wafer cookies on end and lemon zest and fresh mint atop store bought lemon sorbet.
  • Jeweled buckles and ribbon used as napkin rings with the flatware rolled up into the napkin.
The florals are simply blocks of Oasis floral foam on long gold platters and packed tightly with coral roses and garnet carnations, peacock feathers and woven with gold cording. The one for the buffet has three votive candles in the center for an extra touch. I promise, ANYONE can do these. I find if you "scoop" out random portions of the Oasis it helps give a really free-flowing pattern to your arrangement. Try it - you'll look like a pro!

This party wouldn't have been a party without the fabulous meal cooked by my husband, so I had to add those pictures, too. Moroccan tuna, Portuguese peppers (delish) and saffron rice. Our friends joke that they will have to hire caterers when they have us over for dinner! I have to agree that between my insane need to decorate and my husband's amazing work in the kitchen, we do make quite a team! Now taking RSVPs for the next dinner party at the Belle Isle House!


Kendra said...

Looks fabulous! I'm totally in! Where and when? Oh, I guess you're supposed to recieve an invitation to something before rsvp-ing. :-) I'd be happy to eat that food off of a paper plate, although your ambience is incredible!

Lemiga Events said...

So warm and inviting! I love that it's not the typical autumn tablescape.

Anonymous said...

What lovely ideas to make your guests feel special!

Frank, Mike said...

It looks like fabulous. Oh, I guess you're supposed to receive an invitation to something before rsvp-ing. I'd be happy to eat that food off of a paper plate.

LotusHaus said...

Gorgeous! I love your color story and Moroccan theme =) The food looks so delish!I love the gift bas and candle wraps! Oh and your centerpiece is sobeautiful!