November 11, 2008

Game. Set. Match.

How completely appropriate that "love" is a term used in tennis, because that is exactly how I feel about this tennis-themed bat mitzvah created by Jamee of Setting the Mood. I love every little detail about this. I have no doubt you'll agree!

Visit Setting the Mood for more scoop on the details. Just looking at her logo lets you know you're in store for something amazing!


Setting the Mood said...

Hey Amy,

Thanks so much for posting about us. I'm so honored!

Not just a Mommy! said...

Isn't this an amazing party? That's why they are on my blogroll, I'm always inspired!

Amanda said...

I love how they used a tennis theme with out using yellows and greens. Very creative!


Jess said...

Tennis, argyle and party all at one place? I'm in :)