November 13, 2008

CB2 - Get 'Em While They Last

These planters from CB2 are marked down to a ridiculous $2.95!

How great would they look filled with pinecones running down the center of your Thanksgiving table? Let your guests take one home as a favor when they leave.

Or go ahead and plant some fall flowers in them and let them take home a ready-made plant.

Or....set them aside on a separate table just for favors and fill them with bags of spiced cider and cinammon sticks.

Or....okay, I am going to stop now because the possibilites are endless. They are $2.95, people. TWO NINETY FIVE. GO!


tangarang said...

aaackk....I'm going and you better not beat me to 'em (ha ha)

Anonymous said...

These look too good to pass up! Great ideas Amy!

Ginger said...

Lovely — the colors are gorgeous!

Madeline & Peter said...

Hi Amy,
I recently did a post on my blog about a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower I threw (for which I gained so much inspiration from your party for the twins!) I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your great talent!

I also awarded you a blog award.

I look forward to seeing more wonderful parties!

Loralee - No Fuss Fabulous said...

Too darn cute.

amy * stem * said...

Thanks, all, for stopping by and thank you, Madeline, for the shout out! You did a great job!