November 1, 2010

OGT: The TomKat Studio

The TomKat Studio is next in our individual Operation Give Thanks printable feature! Kim has created a darling Give Thanks set that is perfect for a kid's craft party or any whimsical autumn inspired event you might choose to host.

From invitations to party circles to blank cards you can customize all on your own - this set has it all. There's even more not shown here...check it out for yourself!

With so much cute owl decor on the market right now, The TomKat Studio's little owl adds an extra touch that you can play off of for your event.

Stay tuned for a video showing a simple owl craft. Coming soon!

So, you've got the adorable printables and a playdate set with the little ones. How to turn this into a fundraiser? That is the question. Here are just a few, simple ideas.

  • Ask guests to each bring a small donation to attend the party.
  • Have the craft be assembling Kim's cupcake toppers and other party circles tied on to ribbon, etc. Then have a baking party or have the moms bake in the kitchen while the kid' do the crafts. Assemble the baked goods with the cuties from TomKat and have your very own bake sale. Donate funds to Operation Give Thanks.
  • Decorate "Giving Jars" as one of your crafts and send each child home with their own in which to collection donations for Operation Give Thanks. Give a fun prize to the child that collects the most money.
  • Have the children make handmade Thank You cards. Ask people for a donation for Operation Give Thanks in exchange for signing the cards for a deserving military mom-to-be. Collect all the donations and cards and send to Operation Shower. We'll use the cards as extra special wishes from all over the country in our Showers In A Box!

What ideas do you have? Are you hosting your own Operation Give Thanks event with Kim's collection? Please share!

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