June 16, 2010

I'm At A Loss And Pass Me The Smelling Salts


I don't even think I can find the words to express how much I'm loving this Eclectic table setting from THE incomparable Eddie Ross. I can say that it is officially one of my favorite tables I've ever seen designed. EVER. Seriously.

From the mix of Ikat to china to hot pink chivari to Goodwill...it's just too much. And, by "too much" I mean "too fabulous." That Eddie has a gift, I tell ya. What I'd give to go thrifting with him one day.

What a fantastic post to use for inspiration when you're out planning your next party. Never underestimate the power of the thrift stores!

More gorgeous pictures and details as shared by Eddie can be found here.


Susan Crabtree said...

I loved it too-the hot pink chairs are to die for!

A Blissful Nest said...

I agree. The hot pink chairs did it for me!! He is very talented.

Party Box Design said...


Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Stunning, and all those gorgeous colors~ to die for!

Maddycakes said...

Hi Amy,

I love Eddie Ross sooooooo much!! I almost passed out when he left a comment on my blog regarding my cotton candy trees!! He is AWESOME!!


Our Life at 31-derful! said...

Hi--I am a loyal reader here in St. Louis and have those dishes (they were almost tossed when my grandmother-in-law downsized as they weren't her better set). If you want to give it a go and re-create the deliciousness, they are yours for the borrowing!

Dana Brown, Simply Sweets said...

Stunning! He has such a vision for finding such great pieces.