June 14, 2010

Little Boy Bell's Bash

This weekend I received photos of this lovely baby shower for Catherine Bell that was given by Cottonelle. I am excited to share a few with you for several reasons:

  • Could she look any more lovely? If I ever have a baby I want to look like she does. It's in print now, so it's official.
  • Three words: Cottonelle Puppy Commercials. Enough said.
  • That cake is too cute to eat.
  • Catherine stars in Army Wives and her co-star, Wendy Davis, emceed one of our Operation Shower baby showers last year. We love Army Wives!
  • You might be inspired by the simple, yet lovely details of this "Little Boy Bell" shower.

The fabulous cake was created by Rosebud Cakes in LA for Catherine's intimate shower for twenty-one guests. Other details were reminiscient of an afternoon tea party, complete with seasonal canap├ęs, cucumber tea cakes and small-bite sandwiches.

Decor can be minimal when you have such a naturally lovely location. Simple colored linens and delicate flower arrangements are all you need when your setting looks like this. Keep that in mind when selecting your next venue!

Catherine and her daughter with the Cottonelle puppy. Awwwww. I know. I'm also quite fond of the floral centerpiece on the food buffet. The color pallette and composition are both really fresh.

Cottonelle is all about softness and comfort, so, accordingly, guests were treated to luxurious favor baskets of robes, Philosophy’s Grace moisturizer, custom baby rattle cookies and of course, free product coupons.Your party budget might not allow for something so grand, but take cues from Cottonelle and send your guests off with a nice treat to pamper themselves with at home!

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