October 2, 2009

Gratitude Challenge Day Two: Amy's A to Z

In no particular order....unless you count alphabetical order, then yes, they are in some sort of order:

A - Acceptance that where you are is where you are supposed to be.
B - Bananas. Tasty. Versatile. AND come in their own little case.
C - Choices. We have so many while some have so few.
D - Dark Chocolate.
E - Elementary school friends that have that way of reminding you of "home" even after years and
years of time and distance
F - Friends and family that make me laugh and inspire me.
G - Growing older and realizing no one is perfect so get over it.
H - Husband. In particular, mine. He rocks.
I - Imogen Heap's lovely voice.
J - Jon Stewart. He cracks me up.
K - Knives. Makes cutting things much easier.
L - Laughter.
M - Music. One of life's greatest gifts.
N - NIA. Exercise that is as much for the mind as the body.
O - Operation Shower. The people I serve with and the people we serve. I am blessed by it daily.
P - Panic Disorder. Even though it can hinder me, it has also strengthened me in many ways and made me much more compassionate.
Q - Quiet time in the car on the way to the office.
R - Rain Showers on lazy Saturdays.
S - Sooner Football. Boomer Sooner!
T - Trust. If A is for acceptance that where you are is where you are supposed to be than T is for Trusting that you will make it through anything.
U - United States Citizenship. While we may not be perfect and we all may not agree, the simple fact of being born in this country allows a big portion of this list to even be possible.
V - Voices that my husband and I talk in that make us laugh.
W - wonderful women I've met online via my Stem Parties blog.
X - Wow. Xerox copier help desk support.
Y - You.
Z - Zeriously? I thought "X" was hard. Um, Ziploc baggies. Thank you for keeping my snacks fresh.

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