August 13, 2009

Wizard of Ahhs

When Ginger from Junebug Entertaining Reads sent me pictures of this adorable Wizard of Oz baby shower she did, she probably had no idea the poor child would be 18 by the time they got posted. In the interest of not losing every one of you and giving Ginger her well-deserved kudos I just can't wait for the template fix.

I can't hold back any longer....this is just too cute!

From the yellow brick road, to perfect use of Dorothy-approved blue and white gingham to the sunflower seed packet favors (State Flower of Kansas!), this Wizard of Oz shower makes it clear that we're not in cookie cutter baby shower land anymore!
Be sure and go peep the rest of the pictures and details over at Ginger's blog.


Anonymous said...

So original and inspired by THE classic children's story. Beautiful job, Ginger...and thanks for not waiting to share, Amy! =)

Lynn Simmons said...

This shower was hosted at my home. Ginger not only did a superb job of "pulling it all together," she also created a functional control of our space. Truly an artist with a vision, this is - by far - the most enjoyable shower I've ever attended in my life.