April 22, 2009

We Now Return

to our regularly scheduled entertaining.

I'm back and boy do I have something fun for you. You may have already heard the news from a couple of my favorite girls in The Lou, Ginger and Kim, but, just in case, St. Louis (and you!) have a new source for all things entertaining - St. Louis Entertains.

St. Louis Entertains is the brainchild of the amazingly talented, Arina Lanis. Her work is impeccable. Her photography alone sends me over the edge. Couple that with entertaining ideas, tips and tricks and I'm reduced to a puddle.

Arina set out to create a local magazine that would provide ideas and inspiration for the most intimate dinners to the grandest of affairs. One look at the first issue and it's clear she has succeeded. For those of you that aren't local you can order a copy online or flip through the online version of the first issue. Be sure and sign up for the mailing list while you are on the website because she sends out the most fantastic newsletters ever to grace your inbox.

Thank you so much for getting this party started. Much success to you, my dear!

P.S. Why yes, those are invitations from Ginger at Serendipity and tableware from Kim at Head of the Table you see in those pictures. Don't say I didn't tell you where you can get the goods.

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Setting the Mood said...

you guys have it going on in the Lou! I subscribed to the magazine. Indy needs something like this!!