March 12, 2009

You Saw This, Right?

Let's just take a short trip around a few blogs today.

Surely you saw the super colorful and fun new party by Michelle over on HWTM, right? Loves it. Every detail was thought out and executed to perfection. Great job, Michelle!

My girl, Robyn, at Mix Mingle Glow turned St. Patty's Day OUT with not one, not two, but three fantastic tablescapes.

What about the gorgeous new
FREE downl
oads from Tangarang?

What about the deliciously fun "food on a stick" over at Celebrations at Home. Feed me.

Favor Affair Giveaway and short survey on Design by Kendall, anyone?

And, if you haven't seen this AMAZING birthday party over on LotusHaus then go. Get out of here. Go look.


bubblegirl said...

Wow. The party looks absolutely amazing. So much detail!

Robyn said...

Super sweet! Really, IS there a better BFF than you? I think not.
Thanks a million thanks for the holla.
Love your fan club prez,

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Thank you very much Miss Fabulosity! I love the table from Mix, Mingle, and Glow too!

* TONYA * said...

oooh, so many fabulous parties. Thanks for the links.

LotusHaus said...

Thanks for the love Amy!