March 12, 2009

Inspiration: The Sweetest Thing

Stem: The Sweetest Thing

Cristin: Sweet as Sugar

Cristin sent in this "Sweet as Sugar" party she did for her daughter's 1st birthday. Just look at all the sweet touches.

She made the glitteriffic invitations using Yours Truly circle invitations. Once at the party, everyone received a little jar with one serving of hot chocolate - a perfect "sweet treat" for a winter birthday party. Each guest table had a grouping of paper lanterns/candies hanging above it and the pool table was turned into the Candy Shoppe! The Candy Shoppe had a lot of treats and one special treat that I just adore - the centerpiece. The centerpiece was created using a foam topiary to look like a "Bellie Pop" (Bellie = daughter's nickname...real name - Annnabelle). Cute!

Cristin also had two fun things planned for the kids. One was to decorate craft tote bags with foam stickers and then use them to pack up their candy. For the older kids (3+), she had plain coffee mugs that they could decorate with the appropriate markers (came in the kit) - and then take home to use with their hot chocolate.

Thanks for the pictures, Cristin! Let me know how that golf party turns out!

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Loralee said...

I love this sweet theme! The jars with the animal crackers are so fun! Thanks for sharing!!