March 5, 2009

Coming Soon....

Just a quick note to let you know that I intend to hunker down this weekend and get some fun posts together for all of you that are so kind to stop by here every day.

In between running Stem Parties, my other job (yes, I have another job...hence the sporadic posting at times!), gearing up for a fantastic Spring full of events as a Board Member for Operation Shower, training for a 1/2 marathon in April in honor of my dear friend, Marie, AND attempting to stay sane and spend some time with my husband, my little blog seems to suffer at times.

Next week will bring more parties that readers have submitted as well as some of fun details of our Operation Shower events that are in the works!

So, thanks for your patience and your loyalty. You all are the best!


Joanna-Let's Entertain said...

Can't wait!

lisalyn said...

Looking forward to it! :)

Setting the Mood said...

Hey Girl,
We'll wait for you. You take care of you. I know how the hustle and bustle can wear you down.