December 2, 2008

Holiday Cocktail Party With A Twist {Part Three}

We have our invitations and our drinks. What else do we need? Favors, of course.

No party is complete without parting gifts. Shower your guests with any of these peppermint inspired gifts from Crate and Barrel. (With some extra touches thrown in from around the interwebs.)

These peppermint spoons would not only be great on your hot chocolate bar but would also make a simple favor for your guests. Just bag up your favorite cocoa mix, place it in an inexpensive white mug, tie on one of these spoons with some red and white striped ribbon and send your guests home with their very own treat. Bonus: Your favors will serve double duty as some seriously cute decor if you group them all together or in smaller groups throughout your party!

No time to make your own peppermint bark? No problem. Crate and Barrel has done it for you. If sending each guest home with their own box isn't in your budget, then bag some up in a cute cellophane bag (shown here from Container Store) or put some in miniature takeout boxes and tie off with red ribbon.

Serve fondue in these adorable little snowflake fondue pots and then gift your guests with some yummy fondue to use at home.

Enough of the sweet stuff? These miniature striped candles might just be your bag then. Customize the gift with some personalized matches and let your guests know you went that extra step to show how glad you are that they took the time to join you.

At the rate this season is flying by we might have this party complete by next year....

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Jess said...

Love it :) Feel free to cross post! I just love peppermint in the winter time :)