November 18, 2008

Holiday Cocktail Party With A Twist {Part One}

A peppermint twist that is.

Want to host a Holiday get-together but don't know where to start? Just pick one element and go with it. Don't let yourself get caught up in serving a million people a million different things at a sit-down meal. You need to enjoy yourself, too! A simple "come and go" cocktail or dessert party is perfect for this busy season.

Who am I kidding here though, right? I think we all know that a "simple" cocktail party would still be reason to go into full-on POD (Party Obsessive Disorder) at the Stem house. So, in the words of wise, wise woman, "Just pick one element and go with it." (Heyyyyyyyyyy, who said that?)

In this case...peppermint. It's simple. It's graphic. It's cute yet chic. It's not tied to any one religion. Perfect.

Where should we start? With the invitations, of course. Everyone knows the party really starts the moment you get the invitation, right?

Tiny Prints is without question one of THE ultimate invitation sites out there. Choosing just one is the hard part. So I won't. I'll choose four. Trust me, four was hard.

So what's your mood?

I love the simplicity of this confetti invitation by Julia Tuohy. It makes me merry just looking at it.

If you lean a little more on the traditional side, then this chocolate and lime green invitation is an instant way to add a modern twist to your red and white night.

This simple peppermint martini invitation lets your guests know they are in for a soiree with style. That's a party I want to attend.

Finally, if polka dots and reindeer are your thing then you're in luck because Tiny Prints has the perfect invitation for you, too. This is just the right amount of playful and yet completely mature.

Now go pick your invitations and come back and join me for more peppermintapalooza soon.


tangarang said...

can't wait to see the peppermint festivities. And I couldn't agree more on the one element advice! c'est vrai!

Michelle@EverydayCelebrating said...

Love the peppermint theme! Can't wait to see more!