November 19, 2008

Party Trifecta

I love parties.

I love games.

I love things with fun names.
("Francisco...that's fun to say." Name that movie.)

Just in time for all of your holiday parties come this little gem of a game that is guaranteed to get your guests interacting and having a great time. Your job just got a little bit easier!


Joanna ( said...

OMG! I saw this at Target today and almost bought it! I think I am going to ask for it for Christmas!

<3 said...

this has been on my Christmas list for a few months!!! LOVE IT
that movie is ELF ! :)

Robyn said...

ELF! We say that phrase a lot in our house, "FranSISco...THATS fun to say!". See, I just knew I liked you , Amy! We have the same great taste in movies!! :)
i must check out Partini ASAP for my holiday parties!

J said...

But what is it exactly? The commercial is oddly vague in my opinion. I am really curious...

amy * stem * said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay, Elf fans.

Robyn - we say that way more often than is normal in our house. Keep in mind, we don't even have kids. : )

J - it's a few different little games similar to things in Cranium if that helps.

lenny said...

hi there!

i love that you love partini! i did the launch event here in NYC...check it out!

also, thank you for helping put me in the finals of the hostess with the mostess "inspire me" contest! my entry was the JOY board.

be merry, be bright!