October 29, 2008

Tangarang...that's FUN to say!

Not only is Tangarang really fun to say, it's also a really great Etsy Shop to browse. Get your wallet.

But what is Tangarang? In the words of Kira of Tangarang herself:

"Not content with the typical licensed party invitation kits, superhero solutions, or box-store frozen appetizers, I felt it was time to expand the choices for discerning hosts. Creating hand crafted items and coordinating them with just the right chic party products, plus providing an amazingly easy menu seemed to be just what was lacking in the party product market.

Not having enough time to run around and coordinate every detail of a party, while juggling a very busy schedule, was another reason to create a service that offered to do the planning for other hosts who wanted a hip, modern affair without stress and without the intrusion of an expensive party planner. We are all busy individuals – busy with work, kids and life in general so tangarang was created to take the hassle out of planning a great party and give back the creative joy of entertaining in style."

Would you just look at this fantastic custom-personalized baby gift idea? I'm basically dying over this. Throw a shower to match your gift or give a gift to match your shower. Perfection.

Tangarang also has a blog full of fun finds, so stop by there, too, before you log off your computer and enjoy!

Editor's Note (Okay, it's me): Not all party planners will break the bank so don't be afraid to interview a few next time you're throwing a party! It may just be the perfect fit for you. : )


Lemiga Events said...

Everything is so adorable! Thanks for sharing such a great shop.

Brooke said...

True story...Grab your wallet and throw a party!

Super cute!

ask the booth said...

Oh no! I love this blog. Yes- thanks for sharing!