October 28, 2008


Maybe it's due to the fact that I just got back from Texas, or maybe because I've been wanting to post about a fab Flickr gal for awhile now, but whatever the case may be, now seems like the right time to introduce you all to Julie with a peek into one of her amazing parties for her kiddos. This western party for Mommawants1more's 3 year old is purty darn cute, ya'll.

Julie not only throws the most amazing parties for her kids, but she is also incredibly talented with sweet treats and clearly knows how to make any occasion extra special. I'll be posting more of her talents again...trust me. I love her. Check out her site Sugar Coated Love and you'll love her, too.

As luck would have it, Totally Tabletops just did this great post on a western spin for your upcoming holiday parties. Round up a few bales of hay, some rope and yer best cowpokes and you'll be kickin' up yer spurs in no time!


Totally Tabletops the Blog said...

Oh! I was just about to comment that I did a related post, and clearly didn't read all the way to the bottom where you mentioned me! :) Thank you and this is a very very cute party idea as well. Cheers!

denise said...

I loved Sheena's idea when I saw it and planned to steal the theme for my own holiday party. Now with your post I have even more ideas - yea!

How was Dallas?

Jaime said...

What a cute party idea. I will be following this blog because I love a good party.

An Atlanta Bride said...

What a cute childrens party theme!