September 25, 2008

Let's All Go To The Lobby...

to get ourselves a treat!

There are literally 8,000,000 movie theme products available, but for our purposes on Retro Week the focus is on a special select few. When I say "8,000,000" I mean "okay, not 8,000,000, but a lot."

Come on, who doesn't love a dancing Hot Dog? These dancing snack signs would make great decor items as would the vintage movie posters. I've added some spooooky versions just in case you wanted to do an Vintage Horror Movie theme for Halloween.

What movie is complete without popcorn? You can find all kinds of popcorn machines on the market, but I love this little miniature guy. It makes air-popped popcorn, too, so it's practically a health-food machine. Move over Juicer. Now you don't have to feel guilty for eating popcorn after you've helped yourself to the Concession Stand Style Hot Dog and Nacho Buffet that you've set up for your guests, right next to these cute and simple retro plates and napkins.

I know I've left so many great products on the cutting room floor but I hope this gives you a new/old way of thinking of Movie Night! I have to run, I'm late for my close up.

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Penelope Walker said...

I love your blog and ideas. I just wrote a post about hosting a Friday Night Movie night on the MyPunchbowl free invitations site and linked to this post for reference.