July 17, 2008

A Few Festive Finds

Thought I'd share a few more festive finds with you before I'm off to Kansas City for the long overdue The Sweetest Thing baby shower for the Trips. The wee ones are 2 months old now and each over 8 lbs. of pure cuteness. I'll have fun pictures to share with you when I get back and/or wake up from my sugar coma.

Until then, I bring you some things that make me ridiculously full of joy.

I already love Whimsy Press because they kill it in the gift wrap department. It's double-sided for the love of Carson Daly. Does it get any better?

As much I as I love their gift wrap, and onesies, and totes, etc., this card is what really gets me. I either A) need to stop saying this all the time or B) need to cut back on watching What Not To Wear, because this cards speaks to me way too much.

You know what else is fun? Shoe sales. Not that they tie in to this contest at all, but I still think they are fun. You have one more day to get over to Blue Orchid Designs blog and enter in this great giveaway from Minted. Hurry, get over to both sites and stick around when you are done entering the contest. There is a host of goodies on each site. Enjoy!