June 12, 2008

Whose idea was it to have dates on the posts?

I mean surely if there wasn't a glaring MAY 11th beneath this I could pretend that I've updated recently.

I have a good reason though. Honest. I don't suppose you came here to see "What I Did On My Spring Vacation to the U.K. with my Husband" photos, did you? Don't worry - I realize that looking at other people's vacation photos is about as interesting as watching shows about auto repair. And, to those two of you that love to plan parties AND work on cars that are reading this...look at yooooou all well rounded and stuff!

Now that we're back and have a few weeks before we travel again, I'll be back to our regulary, okay, semi-regularly, scheduled programming soon.

In the meantime - this acrylic tray has nothing to do with anything above, but I think it's pretty darn fantastic with its endless amounts of versatility. I need this in my life. Thanks again, Plum Party. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

As are the briefly worded posts. I'll learn that someday...

Hang with me. I've got three baby showers coming up and can't wait to share pictures with you.

I'll be back. You've been warned.

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