May 11, 2008

Spring Garden Party Brunch

Yesterday my girlfriends and I got together for our occasional Saturday morning coffee and started planning our next Girl's Day. Got me to thinking...wouldn't hosting a brunch be a great way to start the day before we hit the spas and the shops?

So in honor of spring, grab your closest girlfriends and celebrate with a little garden party inspired brunch of your own.

Chic it up a little by taking the basic idea of the iris arrangement I did above and putting it into a mod low floral dish. Hang the butterfly garland or loose butterflies from your local craft store from your chandelier (and string across and attach to the nearest wall if you can reach!) and voila...instant charm!

Loving this graphic green dinnerware to amp up the hip factor. Add in the simple placecards for a pop of color. And don't forget to give your best gals a little favor for a reminder of the day. These great little Tea Forte trays with some Tea Forte tea make an adorable table decor and favor all in one.

A menu of savory Deep Dish Ham Quiche, fresh Roasted Asparagus Bundles, some assorted fruit , delicate Lime Tea Cookies and Green Tea Champagne is definitely a step above your local bagel shop. Although my friends and I have had lots of interesting chats over bagels! At least at your own home no one else will look at you funny when you are laughing one minute and crying the next*.

* Hey, I'm emotional. Sue me.


LotusHaus said...

sounds divine!!!

tracey said...

Love to have brunch "parties". The "girls" always get together before school is over, and kids are running amok, and have a garden brunch. Love it!