October 25, 2010

OGT: Paper & Cake

Time to feature the fabulous women donating their time and talents to Operation Give Thanks.

First up, Paper&Cake. Kira and Abigail have contributed a gorgeous A Star Is Born inspired set that is perfect for a baby shower/fundraiser.

The set comes in 3 different colors: pink, blue and green. Something for everyone!

As you very well may have read online, Operation Give Thanks is a nation-wide fundraising campaign to help Operation Shower continue our mission to throw amazing baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment.

We are often asked how to best help Operation Shower. We decided that since Operation Shower gives back to our military families through parties, so can YOU !

We are asking people across the nation to host a party, big or small, between now and the end of the year to raise money for Operation Shower. More details can be found here, but it's as simple as this...every $250 you raise will help us provide a baby shower experience for a deserving military mom-to-be. Now that doesn't sound so hard, does it?

If you're hosting a baby shower soon you can easily turn it into a fundraiser as well in the following ways:

  • Tell the guest of honor about Operation Shower and Operation Give Thanks and ask if she let you add a line in the invitation asking people to bring a monetary donation in support.
  • In lieu of favors, donate that money to Operation Give Thanks and give guests a note saying you made one in their honor.
  • If it's not the mom's first baby, turn the shower into a Sip and See after the baby is born to benefit Operation Give Thanks.
Those are just a few ideas. I'd love to hear your ideas so that we can inspire others together!

More features coming this week as well as a fun video shoot of all the printables very soon.

Thank you to those that have already agreed to host an OGT event. Join the party!


Baby Games said...

wow great, how cute this baby souvenir.
Mickey Buarao

Gayle said...

Gorgeous designs and such a worthy cause. What a wonderful idea.