October 7, 2010

Celebrate Good Times!

I'm back. Sort of.

Hoping to get some things posted for you all before I leave for vacation, not work, this time but wanted to publicly thank some amazing women I finally had the pleasure to meet.

They all gave of their time to come help with Operation Shower's event this week and it was so fun to have them all there to help. I hope to get a picture posted soon! Until then, I give you Kool and The Gang because that is what they all are.

They can fight over who is "Kool."

Thank you to:
Chris - my sister from another mister was there the whole time helping do anything and everything. Losing sleep, running like crazy and keeping me sane. Not complaining that we ended up being too tired to eat anywhere other than the hotel both nights. Wait until you see the sweets table she orchestrated. I could fill an entire blog with how much I love this girl.
Ashleigh - do you know how nice it is to meet someone and when they ask "What can I do?" and you answer "Go around and "fluff" the tables and make sure they are all in order, please" you know they know what you mean? Ashleigh also did some personal legwork in helping secure local vendors. What an asset. It was such a pleasure, Ashleigh.
Sarah - supermodel or party girl? Both. Sarah made a diaper cake table full of cakes made by 6th graders (donated from local school..cute) look like it was done by the Six Million Dollar (wo)man. Adorable.
Lindi - "Here is some miscellaneous decor, go make that gift table look cute, Lindi. Have at it." Done and DONE. She turned it out.
That's just a sampling of what these women did for us and for these families to make the day not only gorgeous but fun as well. Add runners, box carriers, greeters, clean up crew, you name it to the list. And, as expected, all with style.
Thank you a million times over. Ready for another one? : )


Sheek Shindigs said...

It was such an honor to be able to work with you and all of the other amazingly talented women involved with this event. I hope that I get to do it again in the future. Anytime, just call me! Enjoy your vacation.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

The only thing that sucked about this whole adventure is that it had to end! Love You!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

How fun! I would fluff, decorate, model, and not complain if you asked me to~ too;o) Congrats on an amazing event!