September 27, 2010

A Star Is Born: Sneak Peek

Without giving away toooooo much, here is a sneak peek of what the upcoming "A Star Is Born" Operation Shower baby shower at Walter Reed Army Medical Center will look like.

These are a few scenes from our Sneak Preview Volunteer night event where some wonderful women came together to help us pack our Showers In A Box for our next group of very deserving moms to be.

Clearly not afraid to make a fool of myself for a good cause.

Stay tuned for more pictures, including some from some awesome Etsy vendors who answered our Casting Call for products!

A few more pictures here on our Operation Shower Facebook page. Help us get to 1,000 by 2011 by becoming a fan!


JC's Loft said...

So wonderful that you do this and looking forward to more pics!

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

Love it and can't wait to see more! It is great that you are involved with this!!!

@RiaSharon said...

This event is going to be great!

Simply Creative Insanity said...

It is going to be fabulous! Love the glasses!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Love this and all that you do for the military wives! If you even need help on the east coast let me know;) I'm a military brat!