September 15, 2010

Something This Cute Takes A Village

So....I opened my email this morning to find this adorable party from Natalie and knew I had to share immediately. She didn't just create a little sweets theme birthday table for her daughter Sophia, she created a village.
Welcome to scenes from "Sweetopia."
These are just a few of the marvelous details Natalie included. I promise there is much more to satisfy your sweet tooth here on Natalie's blog post. Five out of five party planners recommend you go take a look.
Thanks for sharing, Natalie. My dental bill is in the mail.


PartyMom said...

This is incredible! The playhouses alone astound me. Add to it the felt, and I'm swooning.

Side note: Can I say just how awesome it is that kielbasa was on the menu?!

Natalie Catherine said...

thanks so much for posting my party!! i had major nesting going on while building the "village"...i was 39 weeks pregnant and couldn't just sit around waiting to have our 2nd baby. haha. and partymom(above comment) we are a polish family of course we had kielbasa on the menu! hehe. it was a must from the hubby. ;)

thanks again!

michelle said...

AMAZING! That's all there is to say :)

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

Wow!!! Everything looks incredible!

Birthday Party Ideas said...

This party is absolutely stunning!
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Brad Fallon said...

Great theme, very eye catching. One of a kind party theme. Keep posting, thanks!

Brad Fallon

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