January 29, 2010

BHG For The Win

A few "Why Didn't I Think Of That" moments brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens.

Votive holders covered in fabric for teeny gifts. Romantic records wtih a photo in the center for your Valentine. "Key" to my heart with vintage keys. We've seen the matchbox favors but the colors in this one really caught my eye. Okay, BHG - you win this round.
As if that were not enough......"ice cream cone" fortunes? Just stop. Just stop it right now. You're not even playing fair. Adorable for so many occasions.

The slideshow link for these projects as well as many more can be found via the ice cream cone fortune link above.


Simply Creative Insanity said...

Love the cones! Adorable!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Looooove the record!! Reminds me of an amazing Pretty in Pink baby shower I once saw somewhere ;D

Also loving the keys, of which I have some saved away for that day when I put together a "key to my heart" bridal shower...


Ashley said...

The cones are so creative! I love it!