November 17, 2009

Black And White And Seriously Cute All Over

When Stem blog reader, Nancy, sent me these photos of her
daughter's Zebra birthday party I just couldn't keep them to myself.

This is a perfect example of how picking a theme and running with it provides amazing results. Fabulous attention to detail here!

She couldn't find a hat she liked, so she made one. Love that!

Sassy sweet treats!

There are a lot more fun photos and details on her personal blog so I suggest you head on over and check them out.

Thanks so much for sharing this cuteness, Nancy. I'm sure you'll inspire a lot of other DIY moms out there!


Brooke said...

Such a cute and creative theme for a little girl's party! Coincidentally, Cake Wrecks is also featuring zebras today. This sassy party takes the cake, though, in a great way

Ashley said...

I love this party! One of my engagement parties was zebra print and pink. They make a great combo!

Mommy said...

Thank you so much for sharing about my party with others! I love to inspire other moms. It's so fun when you can create your own things and make it unique. I appreciate your all them compliments! :)