October 26, 2009

Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul: the free art project is a brilliant and generous free art project where talented artists create original art and post it to share with the world. You just download and print. The only rules? You must credit back to Feed Your Soul: the free art project and you must not use them for commercial purposes. Cool, right?

I bet you're thinking what I'm thinking....party inspiration!

And, while Feed Your Soul might not be new to a lot of you reading this, I counter with chocolate isn't new either but I still like to Feed My Face with it. With so much on the interwebs, I just thought it time to share this. Okay, past time since it's been in my drafts for months and I happened upon it again....ooopsy.

Please check out all the free downloads and enjoy the gift of free art from Feed Your Soul!


Setting the Mood said...

Maybe I'm out of the loop but this IS new to me! Thanks so much for sharing!! My mind is swirling with tons of ideas for this great artwork!!

lisalyn said...

My daughter and I have been lovin Feed your soul for awhile now. I love their art and to be able to download it and print it...wow!! Great stuff.