October 8, 2009

Do You Love?

Or Do You Love? I love.

If you were on the St Louis Entertains email newsletter, then you, too, would get such fun treats as this in your in-box from time to time. Never spammy, ALWAYS fantastic. I love the Quick Tips featured. This one is no exception. I mean, seriously, how great are these spooky cocktails?

From the newsletter:

Orange Juice
Black Vodka
Black olives
Cream Cheese

Fill a glass halfway with pulp-free orange juice, then pour the black vodka carefully over the juice. A great tip for doing this somewhat delicate operation successfully is to pour the vodka over the back of a spoon so that it runs down the side of the glass, slowing it down enough so that it doesn't plunge into the juice and begin to mix right away.

For the "eyes" use pitted black olives stuffed with cream cheese. Cut up one olive into tiny little pieces, and use those pieces as the pupils. Pierce the completed eyes over wooden toothpicks and place on the rim of the glass... enjoy!

Sign up today for the newsletter and to order your copy of the latest issue if you aren't in the St. Louis area. It's certain to be full of ooooh and aaaahs.


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I got my copy in the mail a few days ago!

denise @ little ant design said...

Seriously cute!

Unknown said...

Aren't these fab? I'm posting about it Sunday with another boo-inspired drink, but you so beat me to it :)

Michele said...

I think I'll try these for Halloween this year!