September 24, 2009

Party Fit For A Princess

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing a Princess Birthday Party for the most adorable 5 year old and her adoring parents. Working with Princess Avery's mom was a royal treat! All my party people know that it's usually a mad dash at the end to get some photos in before the guests arrive so excuse my non-pro pictures! (Click on photos to enlarge)

The party was held at the always amazing Jilly's Cupcake Bar. You may recognize it from here. Working with Jilly and Debra is so much fun that if you live in Saint Louis you must book your next party here!

All the girls came in Princess costume. I'd love to show you because it was adorable but want to respect their privacy since I don't have their parents' permission. Trust me...cute! In addition to making necklaces, decorating foam crowns, "Princess" dresses and mirrors, the girls enjoyed the Main Event... decorating their own cupcakes!

Tables were kept fairly simple for easy turnover when it was time to bring out all the cupcake gear. There were bags of frosting and sprinkles galore, but again, I didn't want to the Princess Paparazzi to show up. You can take it from me though, "Princesses. They're Just Like Us!" (someone just outed themselves as a Gossip Mag reader....ooopsy.)

Jilly's served a truly Royal Feast for the girls and also created that Giant Cupcake Cake to match the Birthday Girl's mermaid princess costume. Uh. Dorable.

Pink favor bags were provided so the guests could carry home all of their goodies. They left with cupcakes, crafts, miniature magic wands and pink crowns. Oh, AND the smaller favor containers you see with the A (for Avery) logo on the tables! The "A" favors contained bubbles, costume jewelry sets, fuzzy pens and princess erasers and were topped off with the bracelet from the jewelry set doing double duty as decoration. We couldn't let them get away without their glass slippers either, so small plastic shoes were adorned with stick on gems and filled with candy bracelets.

Tables were filled with varying shades of pink chargers, pink princess dress scrapbook paper, fancy pink floral arrangements, favors, crowns and a "runner" made out of a wall stick on that said "Once Upon A Time Their Was A Princess...." in a repeating pattern. While the center of attention was Princess Avery, the center of the room was a special feature table with the decorative dress form outfitted in a toddler's Princess Costume.

In an effort to not make this the longest post ever (too late), I'll post a separate post of "where to buy" for elements of the party if I get any requests.

Until next time, treat yourself like a Princess. I'm pretty sure that should always involve eating cupcakes.

And they all lived happily ever after,

(Special thanks to the Queen, my mom, who was in town this weekend and got to do this party with me. Wish she could be here for all of them!)


Erin Volante Floral said...

Hi there!
Amy, I am a long-time reader and just wanted to say hi! This party was adorable, as ALWAYS, you are so very talented, it's clear to all of us that read your blog regularly! Thanks for all the great inspiration, keep it up! :)

Simply Creative Insanity said...

Very sweet all of the details!

Shelley@divinepartyconcepts said...

So cute and of course I love all the pink!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet...I love the way the table was simple, yet princess worthy with the tulle on the backs of the chairs. Great always!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

OMG! That turned out so cute! I love that girlie!

Enchanted Expectations said...

I love this. I'm doing a princess party soon and such great ideas. I love the princess dress on the actual dress form. This is fabulous!

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