August 19, 2009

So Sweet Of You

Thank you Paper Source for the email today. It's almost like you knew two of my favorite things are vintage goods and baked goods. That makes this Cavallini Sweet Treats Calendar the perfect inspiration for a simple excuse to get together.

  • Set the table fun mix & match vintage tea cups and saucers. (Second hand stores are a gold mine.)
  • Pop a few flowers in some unused teapots and place in the center of the table.
  • Visit your local bakery for a selection of sweets and display them on a side table with framed copies of the pages from this calendar.
  • Brew some tea.
  • Invite the girls over for a sit and a (gos)sip.
Simple and sweet! That's an afternoon bash I'd like to crash!


Anonymous said...

good treat. very sweet for children.


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Little Lovables said...

oh, I love this!