August 27, 2009

City Soiree

Wish you could take onnnnne last trip this summer but don't have the time? Looking for a new idea for a dinner party/birthday party/bachelorette party/engagement party? Why not take a trip to the city without ever leaving the house?
When I saw this shower curtain from CB2 I knew it either needed to be turned into curtains for a fun city/yellow checker cab kid's room or a backdrop or table cover for a party. And the skyscraper decor? Love! It was like when you see a brownie and don't even need to take a bite to tell it's delicious. Sometimes you just know.
Let your imagination take you on a trip with this one!
  • Luggage tags would make great napkin rings (and then favors) when tied around linen napkins.
  • These Plum Party Taxi Cabs could be made into placecard holders with a little cardstock, imagination and a dab of glue on their roofs. Use them as I just decided nature intended or to hold postcards or photos of the city you're channeling.
  • Invitations can be simple skyline backdrops or postcards. You can buy them here or make your own with some paper, images found online and scissors.
  • The luggage favor boxes from Beau Coup are perfection. The labels are optional so feel free to customize your own.

Keep the party an overall Big City feel or pick a city to base your theme on:

  • New York calls for fun and street vendor fare. A hot dog and pretzel bar anyone?
  • San Franciso - I'd be very tempted to serve Rice a Roni in small shot glasses with appetizer spoons for one.
  • Boston - A Chowdah and Seafood bar.
  • Chicago - Make your own deep dish pizza stations.
  • Dallas - if you don't serve beef then those Oprah people might come after you.

Of course you don't have to spend a fortune to pull this look off, but if you don't want a little wow factor, you can find items like these fun backdrops and border online. Skyline gift bags for party favor bags are another fun touch to send guests off with for the long trek home....across town.

Who wants to make a trip to the City of St. Louis to come play with me?


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

So Cool!! How about some smooooooth tunes like "Come Fly with Me", "New York, New York", "Steppin Out with My Baby", "Viva Las Vegas", "I left My Heart in San Francisco", "Lullaby of Broadway", Okay I'll stop now.

Shelley@divinepartyconcepts said...

What fun ideas! Can we extend the summer a little for some more travel time :)

Kendall @ Entertaining Life said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! It would be neat to set up on a rooftop overlooking a skyline...something a lot of the apartments in my area have! the wheels in my head are spinning :)

Allyson/HBMomof2 said...

I am incorporating Paris into my daughter's poodle theme. It has been great fun coming up with ways to incorporate the Eiffel tower. My husband is building a 6 foot one for the front yard, painted pink! I even sketched the skyline as a mural for the girl's to paint while we wait for all the arrivals. Love that this post came at the perfect time for more ideas. Thank you!