May 6, 2009

Set Your DVR/Tivo/TV Recording Thingies

So here's the scoop:

Fox News is doing a Mother's Day Feature on Operation Shower on their weekend morning show version of Fox and Friends. Yep, National Press for our dear charity. Awe.Some. We are so excited to bring national attention to our military moms and families.

Still photos from last weekend as well as video footage will be used as the backdrop to the story. They will also be doing live interviews with our co-founder, Lena, here in St. Louis and one with a very special mom from our Ft. Hood shower. I won't tell you her story in case she does, but it's a good one. All of the moms have wonderful stories and amazing spirits. Hers just comes with a twist!

Once the interview is over, we're off to Scott AFB for another shower. If I find out the exact time our story will air, I'll repost for those interested.

You can look for me in a black and white dress, but hopefully anything of me will be on the cutting room floor! It's hard to feel pretty setting up a baby shower in a room with broken air conditioning. Yes, that happened. You event planners out there know you just never know what to expect!

Stay tuned for more to come!

3 comments: said...

This is very exciting. Can't wait to hear more. Great idea for the military families.

Brooke Meyenberg said...

Congratulations! How exciting to receive such press exposure for such a wonderful cause!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

That is so fabulous! I will set my DVR!