April 29, 2009

Green Is The New Black

As I close the suitcase for Texas after putting that onnnnnnne last pair of "just in case" shoes in, I thought I'd pop in and leave you with something for the next couple of days.

If you've been around Stem long, you know I'm on the Board of Operation Shower and we are heading out to throw our first Eco-Conscious Baby Shower at Ft. Hood
for military wives who have deployed spouses. Next weekend we'll do it again at Scott AFB Illinois. I am so excited I can't even hardly stand myself.

Since we are trying to be as friendly to the earth as we can, I recently wrote an article on throwing "green" showers for Clever Parents. The founder of CP just happens to be a co-founder of Operation Shower. Most of the tips can translate into any event though so don't worry if you don't have any baby showers in your future. Surely you have SOME reason to celebrate, right?

Here are some highlights:

Décor and Food

  • Make sure your décor items can do double duty. For example, display unwrapped gifts in creative ways for centerpieces.
  • More on Clever Parents...

No Paper Goods

  • If an online invitation is out of the question, then look for invitations printed on recycled card stock.
  • Use linen napkins and real dishes. .....Want to do it without spending money? Call your friends and see what fun, mix and match combo you can come up with for a fun and festive look.
  • More on Clever Parents...


Give favors that will actually be used by the guests later.

  • A flower in a simple bud vase is something that will make your table look great and just as easily brighten up a desk or kitchen window at
    your guests’ home.
  • Hang a reusable shopping bag on the back of each chair as a favor.
  • More on Clever Parents...


  • There are hundreds of amazing eco-friendly products for baby on the market now. With just a little research you can find products that will surely elicit the requisite “oooooo’s and “awwwww’s” from your guests.
  • Think of new ways to wrap presents. Use baby blankets or towels in lieu of wrapping paper. Present gifts in reusable shopping bags in lieu of paper gift bags.
  • More on Clever Parents...
Get the idea? Click on over to Clever Parents for the rest of the story and come back here soon to see photographs of these tips in action as I share post-event photos with all of you!

Tableware: Head Of The Table
Toy Duck: Imagiplay
Bags: One Bag At A Time


~Dana said...

WOW! You are awesome!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Have a great time Amy. I know this will be an awesome event for everyone!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I am having a "Green" party for my son in June. The invitaions were sent via email through ECHOAGE and parents make an online donation. Half the money goes toward one big gift for my son and the other half goes to a children's charity called Nourish American to feed hungry children. The goody bags are reusable military style bags with their names embroidered on them.

Thanks for more great ideas!

Anonymous said...

have fun in my home state texas! i can't wait for pictures from the shower!

t.younksツ said...

I think it's so amazing you are with Operation Shower, being a future military wife, it makes me happy to know there are those out there who know the sacrifices we make. =)


Anonymous said...

You have an eye for all things pretty and wonderful. I found your blog through HWTM and you are amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kimberly B
from Dallas, TX

Kendall said...

Great tips!!! I love the article title too :) So creative!