March 24, 2009

Very Cherry

Why not throw your little Cutie Pie a birthday party befitting her status?

If a Cutie Pie plate for each guest isn't in your budget, then just get one special plate for the birthday girl. Mix in some of these Cutie Pie buttons tied onto ribbon as napkin rings on red napkins you're all set.

Red and White Gingham and cherry printed fabrics can be found at most craft/fabric stores so have fun with that for your tables. The retro tote bags would be adorable hanging on the back of each chair and make great favors.

You don't actually think I would let this go by without Chinese lanterns, do you? Come on...they are perfect. Fasten two red lanterns together and then create stems with green pipe cleaners and leaves out of green felt. Make a number of pairs of these and hang and/or set all around your party space.

What does one do a Cutie Pie Very Cherry Party? Well, let's make this up together!
You could...
  • Play Hi Ho Cherry-O
  • Play "Pin The Cherries On The Tree"
  • Play "Musical Cherries" (Yes, I just said that) with the double cherry rug seen here and if you land on the cherries when the song ends, you win a prize.
  • Guests could gather hidden cherries in baskets. Just hide small red balls all over and do this variation of an Easter egg hunt. Stock up on plain, non-Eastery looking baskets at the after holiday sales or hit up my favorite, The Dollar Tree.
  • Dine on all things either cherry-flavored or just cherry red to match.
I know this has you all thinking. So you tell me now.... Leave me some comments and tell me what would you add to make sure this party wasn't the pits.

What? I'm going for a record of using really bad cherry puns. Don't challenge me. You won't win.

Very Cherry Invitations (announcements you can customize to become invites!): Tiny Prints
Cherry Pie Favor Boxes: SweetDee484's Etsy Store
Jane Jenni Cutie Pie Plates: Heliotrope
Cherry Pie Tablecloth and Napkins: Old Vintage Cottage
Double Cherry Boxed Favors (with treats inside!): Shop Toast

Cherry Rug: Retro Planet
Cherry Tote Bag:
Retro Planet
Lanterns: Luna Bazaar


Jenn said...

I seriously think I'm going to have to throw this party now JUST to see what the cherry paper lanterns turn out like. Love it! :)

P.S. I'll also take a Shirley Temple on the rocks, please... and some Cherry Baby Cupcakes:


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oh My! She's BACK with a Vengence! All these Cherry ideas are just too adorable!
My thought goes to food, of course. Chocolate covered cherries, Cherry Coke, ice cream with cherry on top. Maybe some circles cut out of red foam sheets to blace on the buffet table.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Cherries are so much fun! Love all of the ideas!

Hope you can visit my new slumber party theme :)

Kendall @ Kendall's Entertaining Life said...

There are red lanterns on sale right now at hobby lobby. I needed an excuse to buy them :) Youve given me the perfect reason!

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