March 29, 2009

Lucky Number Seven

My party girls Chris of Celebrations at Home and Donna of Party Wishes both tagged me to find out 7 Things I Love. So, in no particular order...

Wanna hear it? Here it goes:

  1. Mi familia - Okay, so this one is in order. I heart my family, both original and married family. (Shout out to my sister for being the funniest person evah.)
  2. - Say what? Yep. I met my husband on True story. I was moving to a new city and thought it would be a way to meet people to get out and socialize. Little did I know I'd meet Mr. Right. Hooray interwebs!
  3. Fashion in general, Vintage Clothes in particular - Yep. That is me playing dress up in a sampling of my vintage clothes. My friend, Shannan aka Chicfreak, and I had a brief addiction to My Style Diary a couple of years ago. Here is the photographic proof and no, we are not teenagers.
  4. Mexican Food - (Chris at Celebrations at Home - HOLLA) How you can get so many tasty treats out of about 7 basic ingredients is one of life's magical mysteries.
  5. My friends - I know what you are thinking. "No, Amy, I have the best friends." That's cute that you think that, but I'm sorry, I have the best friends. They are an assortment of every cross-section there is out there and I love them all. Okay, maybe I love the funny ones a little more. I also love that they are all trying to figure out who the funny ones are now. Mwaaaahhh haaaa haaaa.
  6. Humor/Sarcasm/Laughing/The Daily Show Team/Stand-up Comedy, etc. - If you are funny then come stand by me. Unless you are also really cute and skinny and have cute clothes. Then stand on the other side of the room. Thanks.
  7. Each and every one of you that I have "met" online or have been so kind in your comments and emails. I know "Awwwwwwwwww"'s true though. Big sloppy kisses.
I left out planning events/parties because, uh, duhhhhhhhhh.

I think I have to tag some people now. Feel free to play along or ignore me like you would a Facebook request from someone you met once in your life.


You're It:

Head of The Table - because I want people to go to your awesome site and rent things
Mix Mingle Glow - because it makes me giggle to think of what you are saying to yourself right now
Chicfreak Cubed - you my homegirl and your babies are cute and need to be seen
My Hair Is Better Than Yours - there is no better blog for the "Two H's" - hair and haiku


Joanna@let's entertain said...

You are so funny! I've loved getting to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I met my husband through Great Expectations dating service (early 90s-no internet)

We grew up just a few miles from each other and went to rival high schools. We didn't meet until our late 20's. We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!

Mexican food rocks! I'm addicted to Bristol Farms salsa...YUM!

Inspired Kara said...

Hey fellow STLer!!!!! LOVE your blog!

Maybe we need to team up on a party some time!!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

You had me at "fashion"! Could you DO vintage any better?!!
I think we are the same size, right? Hint, Hint...I'm just sayin'...

Cathy said...

WOW! Great list. Don't we all love Mexican food. :)

I think you would particularly love this post that I just wrote on the top vintage items every woman should own.