February 12, 2009

I Love Award Season

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm an Award Season Junkie. The red carpet sucks me in every single time. Every. Single. Time.

You can imagine my excitement then when Laurie from TipJunkie emailed me to let me know that my Thing One and Thing Two shower had been nominated for a Tip Junkie Award! It's fate, I tell you. Be sure to check out all of the fun awards happening over on Tip Junkie and vote for your favorites.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go meet with Rachel Zoe to pick out my Awards ensemble.


Brenda said...

Congrats! You so deserve the nod!

E said...

How wonderful! I just love that Shower!!!! You have my vote!

bubblegirl said...

yay! Congrats!