December 31, 2008

Start the New Year The White Way

Wow, if anyone is giving out awards for the worst blog post title, I would like to nominate myself.

More to do to get ready (like take a nap because I'm old) but here's a sneak peek of our Winter White NYE Dinner Party table. I'll share and post more pics tomorrow since it's something you can recreate for any winter dinner party. Until then, have a safe and happy night!

(And, sorry but I got a new camera for Christmas and haven't read the manual yet to turn off the date feature. My husband better not be reading this since I married Mr. Read the Manual. But, just in case, hi honey, you're cute and smart and funny and have really good taste in women.)


Anonymous said...

What beautiful table decorations! Happy New Year!

Fulltime Mizzou/part time OU fan said...

Manuals are waaaay overrated. Besides if the date went opaque how would we know it was really your gig and not stock footage from some clipart joint? Good job.

chicfreakcubed said...

OOoooooh, that is gorgeous. I can't wait for you to plan and decorate for our open house whenever we have it. The older I get, the more I appreciate all white, or white and silver (or gold) Christmas decor. White and silver are the new black.

Tori said...

I love your use of white! The snowflakes are my favorite touch and a great way to incorporate the Christmas/Winter theme into your New Year decor! Thanks for sharing!