November 30, 2008

Alert The Media - Quick Sale Post

As you know, I LOVE paper lanterns and the million things you can do with them. My favorite source for them,
Luna Bazaar not only has the best assortment and prices, but also has a LOT of other fabulous items for your next event as well.

Right now they are offering 25% off of your entire order but the last day is tomorrow, December 1st. (It's December??? That's insane.)

Just use discount code: 2008THANKS and enjoy all of your new goodies for your "party closet." You do have a party closet, don't you? Well then it's a good thing it's almost time for New Year's Resolutions. Trust me, it's much easier to make a party closet than to lose weight and the gym is much less crowded by March anyway.

1 comment:

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

thanks for the tip... im gonna hurry on over right now!