October 7, 2008

Get Your Vote On

While we all might not agree on who to vote for this year, we can all agree how important it is to have a party. Um, I mean, how important it is to VOTE! Throwing an Election Party couldn't be more simple. Just take your cues from any of your 4th of July decor and get your vote on.

Make your own invitations with the blank invitations and stamps of your choice from Paper Source. (Vote, Donkey or Elephant.)

Stir up some lively conversation with Election Topics.

If you choose not to use real plates and napkins, this
set from Plum Party has everything you need. Grab some of the hats while you're there and use for decor or turn upside down and use as serving bowls (place bowls inside the hats first!) The star trays make festive servers, too!

I love the look of this
bunting to decorate everything from the front of your house, stair rails, around the bar or as your tableskirts.

Mix up these colorful
Shooters and Cocktails and serve with your favorite All-American classic foods.

Last but not least, what election event is complete without a balloon drop? Now is the perfect time to use balloons in your decor and these
Lumi-Loons are a fun twist on the old standard. I LOVE how the ceiling is completely covered in this amazing baby shower featured on Baby Lifestyles. Recreate this look with traditional red, white and blue balloons with some glowing Lumi-Loons in the mix.

I'm Amy, and I approve this party.


Natalie-Little Shindigs said...

patriotic and fabulous. great stuff Amy.

BTW-love your closing;D

denise said...

First off I love "I'm Amy, and I approve this party" It had me giggling.

I love this party idea. I have been throwing around the idea of having an election party but then always talk myself out of it because of life already being hectic but then I see great things to use and I start to entertain the thought again.

It really would be such a fun party.

Kendra said...

I've been thinking all year about posting ideas for an election party. I may not make it, though since we are getting down to the wire. Glad you have it covered! Great ideas!

Totally Tabletops the Blog said...

I recognize my fellow commenter friends--hello! I love the creative election ideas I've been seeing online. Jone's Soda has a hysterical candidate soda bottle. I posted about it a few weeks ago. http://totallytabletops.blogspot.com/search/label/Election%202008

Thanks for your great finds!

Anonymous said...