October 13, 2008

Clean Your Plate

Or better yet, keep it clean. These personalized plates from La Plates are just about too cute to get dirty.

La Plates offers you the chance to perfectly match your party theme with their customizable plates. Baby showers, children's parties, bridal showers, housewarming gifts, hostess gifts and a myriad of other occasions could benefit from this festive find.

I. Want. These. Don't you?


La Plates Blog said...

La Plates are perfect for any event - thanks so much for sharing with your readers! LARA

Michelle @ Everyday Celebrating said...

Yes!!!!! Yes.I.Do!
Super fabulous. I've seen them several places lately and I'm thinking it's some kind of sign. Right? I mean, that means I should buy some, don't you think? LOL

Great blog, btw! :)