September 4, 2008


There's a new kid on the block! Baby Lifestyles is her name. (Are websites female?) Baby Lifestyles is a great resource for all things baby. From nurseries, to shopping, to baby showers, this new site is sure to be a hit and promises to keep growing.

"Baby Lifestyles: For anyone with a baby, anyone having a baby, anyone who knows someone with a baby, anyone who knows someone who acts like a baby. " Okay, even though the site really does have something for everyone, I think we can all see why Lauren didn't ask me to come up with her marketing campaign.

Editor and Founder, Lauren Halperin has a great thing growing and features a baby shower article this month with yours truly and another featuring the added bonus of Jenn at HWTM and Joanna at LotusHaus. Check them out and make sure to keep an eye on Baby Lifestyles! They grow up so fast...sniff.

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