September 16, 2008, Will You Marry Me?

This Halloween Wedding party theme has me way more excited than one person should be.

It has everything:

Something old (that wedding dress you've been dying to wear again)
Something new (this fantastic party theme)
Something borrowed (from
Something blue (me if I don't get to host or attend a party like this)

In addition to what you see here, there are many more ghoulish ideas here to secure your spot as the ultimate Bridezilla hostess. I dare you to enter the site and see for yourself. It's a scream.
Note: This Halloween party could a great spin on the "Bridesmaid Dress" parties. Ask your guests to come dressed in their wedding finest. Or tackiest. Tackiest is good, too!
Credit: Becky Mollenkamp courtesy of
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Jenn said...

Fabulous theme idea - love it! Thanks for the tip ;)

Liz@The Wedding Bistro said...

What a cool theme idea! It's so inspirational and unique :)

denise said...

I used some of these ideas for my own Halloween party last year. We didn't go with a wedding them but we were still able to use lots of the ideas for our haunted victorian mansion theme. You can see more pictures at