September 23, 2008

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

Stem blog reader, Bridget, recently contacted me with a few questions and she just so happened to be planning a 50's Theme birthday party for her daughter. Lucky for us, she was kind enough to let me share some pictures with you.

Guests were encouraged to dress the era and were in turn treated to Bridget doing her part to complete the scene. As you can see, Bridget really went all out and got the adorable blue poodle skirt outfit together for the birthday girl. Oh, and Elvis? That's her son. Talk about getting in the spirit.

Just check out some of those fun touches: old-fashioned soda fountain sundaes, centerpieces made with old records (do kids even know what those are anymore?) and the adorable old Cruiser food boxes.

Games at the party included one where the kids were given toy cars and straws. The objective was to use the straw to blow their car across the floor and be the first across the "finish line." Sounds easy but I'm sure it takes some lung power! I'm really in love with the second game where the kids were in two relay teams and had to race and carry their tray of fake diner food without dropping it. The fake food items were dog toys that Bridget picked up. Come on...that is smart thinking!

I've added a few other items (napkins, record decorations, food baskets) to the mix that can be found on one of my favorite sites - Retro Planet. I think the food baskets would make fantastic containers for party favors. Just fill with retro candies and goodies and wrap with cellophane and ribbon and you have a cool favor, daddy-o.

Thanks again for sharing, Bridget. It's nice to kids having some good old-fashioned fun!


michelle @ sweet mady's said...

What a fabulous idea! Great for entire family party and I love the little girls dressed up in their poodle skirts.

Kati said...

OH AWESOME! There is a drive in movie theatre in DE that serves fries in a car. I thought they were just too kitchy cool but it quickly skipped my mind to look them up!