April 13, 2008

Of fancy hats and mint juleps

It's almost Kentucky Derby time and while I really have no interest in horse racing, I do think it would be fun to host a Derby Party sometime. Then again, what WON'T I use as an excuse to wear a fancy hat and drink mint juleps?

Plum Party has done it again with some great one-stop shopping for your Derby party. Not only do they have the super tongue in cheek plates above but these Win Place Show tickets make an instant betting game of it for your guests. Because, let's face it, the guys probably aren't that interested in the "Cutest Hat" contest.

Set the scene by covering your buffet table with astroturf (you can get this on the cheap at your local home improvement store), serving up some southern food, mint juleps and sweet tea. If the weather is nice, set up a game of horseshoes on the lawn, and don't forget to use horseshoes in your decor inside!

When I think of horse racing I think of really short men who freakishly weigh less than my right thigh. I mean, I think of the colorful silks they wear. Take advantage of this and use colorful fabrics in your decor. Mock up your own "silks" and use as chair covers or pillow covers for your seating area.

Finally, what Derby party would be complete without the addition of the Official Flower of the Derby - the red rose? Use red roses to make a show-stopping centerpiece. Can you imagine how great a several low rectangle containers filled with red roses would look running down the center of your buffet table? Close your eyes. No, wait, finish reading, then close your eyes. For that extra touch of Louisville tradition, present a red rose to each of your female guests with a typed up description of the rose history found here.

This little soiree will have you all set to Win (your guests' raves), Place (yourself atop the haute hostess list) and Show (off).

If you've had a Derby Party, share your ideas with us.

And.....I'm OFF!

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